About Us


A little bit about us, Wyatt and I live in a small town south of Livingston, Montana and north of Yellowstone National Park. We live deep in the heart of Paradise Valley with our quaint little homestead and all the critters that come with it.

Wyatt and I meet in college at the University of Montana Western. Wyatt was studying Natural Horsemanship and I was studying Pre-Veterinary Medicine. After college we found different paths that eventual lead us back to each other, and in 2017 we began working together as Wildland Firefighters for Park County Rural Fire.

We are growing our little homestead and trying to get it all figured out, but at the same time we home to share our life and experiences with you, our readers. In an attempt to help you too learn to navigate this lifestyle and being to depend more on a sustainable, health, and rewarding lifestyle.