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Yellowstone River Ranch, LLC is proud to offer our first publicly available Hereford beef!
Our beef steers are 100% Montana Raised and finished with no antibiotics or hormones.
Order today and fill your freezers!. Available starting in September 2021. Customize your cuts. Delivery can be included for an extra fee.
We provide Options for purchase in:
Quarter beef, Half beef, Whole beef or BULK box!
How much meat will I get?
On average Mini-Herefords will finish out at a weight close to 1,000lbs(We call this ON-THE-HOOF) After it goes to the butcher the hanging carcass weight (ON-THE-RAIL)will be approximately 550lbs. After desired cuts are made the total amount of meat in the freezer (BOX WEIGHT) is about 400 lbs.
How does it work?
We will put your name on the list once we receive a deposit of $250. The beef will should be ready to harvest as early as September.
If you wish you buy a live animal and take it to your own butcher or do it yourself please let us know- we do sell live READY-TO-GO Steers!
The butcher will contact you directly to ask how you would like to customize your cuts of beef (we will supply you with a sheet to fill out with options).
When the beef goes to the butcher we will call you and you will pay Yellowstone River Ranch for the live cow (whole, half or quarter). When the meat is ready for pick up you will pay your portion of the processing fees and kill charges directly to the butcher. You will be responsible to pick up your meat from the butcher, we will let you know where this location will be. We can arrange delivery upon request.
How much does it cost?
Price reflects fees for the inspection, butcher and wrapping costs. This is a straight-to-your-freezer cost. We deal with the butcher and fees, we pick it up and deliver it to you!
WHOLE BEEF: Live Weight = 1,000lbs.  Box Weight = 400lbs. $2,500
HALF BEEF: Live Weight = 500 lbs. Box Weight = 200lbs. $1,250
QUARTER BEEF: Live Weight = 250lbs. Box Weight = 100lbs. $650

Can not fit all this in your freezer? Check out our Bulk Box option!

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Selected Cuts

Whole Beef, Half Beef, Quarter Beef, Bulk Box

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Roasts, Other

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